Do I have to enrol to obtain my Student Finance maintenance loan?

Yes, you will need to be fully enrolled before Student Finance will release any tuition fee/maintenance loan payments. We do not expect you to pay your full fees ahead of enrolment. Funding is released after you have been fully enrolled* - you just need to provide us with the correct details ahead of Queen Mary enrolment so that we can fully enrol you. 

  • Undergraduates funded by Student Finance: Please ensure you have selected this option during Online Enrolment and provided us with your Student Support Number (SSN) within the Online Enrolment task. This is the unique number provided to you by the Student Loans Company (SLC) and usually consists of 4 letters, 8 numbers and 1 letter (e.g. SFDU12345678A). If you do not know your number at the point of completing Online Enrolment, please tick the checkbox that indicates that you do not have your SSN number. You can add it to MySIS at a later date within the 'My Details' tab. We will be unable to confirm your attendance with the SLC unless we have your SSN.

  • Postgraduates funded by a Postgraduate Loan: Please ensure you have selected this option during Online Enrolment. You will need to pay a £50 admin charge and arrange a payment plan (online) with the Fees team before we can fully enrol you. You should also send your Postgraduate Loan summary letter to [email protected]. Please refer to the payment plan guidance page for information on what is required to pay in instalments as this differs depending on whether you are fully or partially funded. The postgraduate fees webpage has further information.

*Please be aware that Student Finance will not release any funds until after your programme start date, even if you are fully enrolled and we have confirmed your registration with them ahead of this date.

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