How do I get a Student Status Letter? (via Gradintelligence account)

Once you are fully enrolled* we will register you for an account with Gradintelligence, the service provider of our official Student Status Letter that can be used as proof of your enrolment for council tax exemption and opening a bank account, amongst other uses. Please be advised it may take up to 24 hours to receive your Gradintelligence activation email to your Queen Mary email address. Please have a look at our website for step-by-step guidance on activating your account.

If you have been given temporary enrolment then you are not eligible for a Gradintelligence account or a Student Status Letter.

If you require a Student Status Letter but are not eligible for one, you may wish to check if you can use other documentation already in your possession, for example your Queen Mary offer letter that you would have received via email or your UCAS confirmation letter.

*Please note that completion of the Online Enrolment task does not mean you are fully enrolled. Queen Mary are required to check the details and documents you submit during the Online Enrolment task before you are fully enrolled.

Once enrolment is finalised you will get an email with the subject line 'Enrolment at QMUL' and the first line of the email is 'Congratulations on completing the enrolment process. You are now fully enrolled'.

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