Emails are being sent to the wrong address or I haven't received any emails about Enrolment – what should I do?

We send emails to the personal email address that you have provided during the application process. You are asked to check and update your personal email address when completing the Online Enrolment task in MySIS. You will find your personal email address within the ‘Address Information’ section (it's on the ‘Permanent Home Address’ page).

If you haven't received any emails from us, please use MySIS to check the personal email address we have on record for you. As above, you can view and update this information as part of Online Enrolment but you can also view and edit this information throughout the year within MySIS. Guidance on how to update your contact details is available.

A note regarding using your school email address: If you are using an email address from your current/previous education provider (e.g. school/college/university etc.), please be aware that your email address may expire once you are no longer registered with them. Therefore, we suggest you provide us with a personal email address that you have indefinite access to so that you don't miss any communications from us.

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