Can I do a 'Year-in-industry' as part of my course?

Yes you may. Many of our courses offer a professional placement year. It is an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and gain hands-on experience. As well as helping you to secure graduate employment, this can support your academic achievement by providing additional context to your studies. For many students who are not certain about what career path they want to follow, a professional placement or sandwich year can be an excellent way to help you understand your options and make decisions about your future.

You would complete your paid work placement with a relevant employer during your third (‘sandwich’) year, returning to Queen Mary for the fourth year of study (fourth and fifth years for MSci students). Upon successful completion of this ‘sandwich year’, you will be eligible to graduate with a BSc or MSci that includes ‘with Professional Placement’ in its title.

Our academic schools and university services will help you identify and apply for placement roles. They will provide support and guidance throughout the process and you will benefit from our industry links and extensive careers support activities to help identify a suitable placement.

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